Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Winner of the NWFA 2012 Reclaimed Floor of the Year!!!

We are very pleased to announce that Tim came back from his vacation to Florida with a little trophy and plaque in his hands :)  It is a pretty great honor to receive even one NWFA Floor of the Year award, but now we have two on our belt!  Our first one was for the SC Johnson Museum down in Racine for the phenomenal end-block installation of North America and South America.  And now we have been awarded with the NWFA 2012 Reclaimed Floor of the Year!  This award was given for the floor that we installed over existing tile in the Bartolotta's Rumpus Room in downtown Milwaukee.  It was made up of our special product of reclaimed red & white oak for form a herringbone pattern.  Then our boys from Handcrafted by Schmidt flat-scraped the entire floor piece by piece.  The final product is quite breathtaking and leaves you feeling like you are in a pub from the 1930's.  We will post the article when the Hardwood Floors magazine prints the winners later this year.  But for now, here is the picture that we entered...

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